Effective Attestations


We’ve seen many attempts at bringing attestations to the forefront of end-users and businesses, and despite the progress made by some, we still believe there’s more room for improvement.

Sign Protocol is geared towards focusing all efforts on opportunities and fundamentals that not only bring attestations to the forefront but also move beyond the status quo set by other teams and projects building in the attestation space by giving rise to what we refer to as Effective Attestations.

Effective Attestations(or e/att for short) refers to the pursuit of an ideal attestation ecosystem, which is powered by verifiability, relevancy, insightfulness, and universality. Its objective is to not only reinforce but also evolve the trust systems that govern our world and the web.

Sign Protocol is committed to creating an effective attestation ecosystem. This will be achieved by developing and supporting efficient end-to-end infrastructure, innovative standards, and high-impact applications centered around attestations. These elements are designed to provide substantial benefits and functionality to users and businesses that leverage attestations for their operations. This approach ensures a comprehensive and effective attestation ecosystem.

Attributes of Effective Attestations

With Sign Protocol, you’re not just dealing with ordinary attestations - you’re working with Effective Attestations. This empowers you to construct various components of an attestation ecosystem. These components include schemas, infrastructures, applications, and the attestations themselves, all embodying the core attributes of Effective Attestations. These core attributes are:

  • Verifiability: This attribute necessitates that attestations exhibit provable correctness. All supporting elements, including schemas, client software, and tools, should facilitate this verification process.

  • Relevancy: This attribute ensures that all elements of the attestation ecosystem, including apps, schemas, tooling, etc., have a pertinent impact and provide value to all involved parties.

  • Insightfulness: This attribute necessitates that attestations act as sources of rich and comprehensive context in any given scenario. All supporting elements, such as schemas, schema builders, attestation builders, etc., should contribute to this.

  • Universality: This attribute requires that attestations and their supporting elements, such as schemas, infrastructure, and applications, are universally applicable, adaptable, and interoperable across various contexts and domains. This yields an attestation ecosystem that can be adopted and used globally, regardless of geographical, cultural, or technological differences.

Sign Protocol aspires to be a leading contributor in proliferating the concept of Effective Attestations and fostering a community and attestation ecosystem of users and businesses that embody it. We envision this as the future for building truly efficient and verifiable trust systems for both the world and the web.

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