Sign Protocol is an omni-chain attestation protocol, enabling users to freely attest and verify any information on-chain.

Every day, we are faced with a miscellany of claims and assertions made by various entities in the real world and on the web that we have to work with. Typically, we resort to the classic trust assumptions and relationships of the systems we operate in, such as an entity being honest, or an authority, to establish confirmation of such claims. In the rapidly evolving world, and web, it is becoming less efficient to simply trust and more crucial to verify everything.

Sign Protocol offers a suite of tools, infrastructure, and standards to create a future where all claims and assertions on the web and the world around us are driven by verifiable attestations. It does this by leveraging modern technologies, such as decentralized blockchains and data storage solutions, along with novel techniques such as the use of zero-knowledge cryptography and digital signatures.

We at EthSign are excited to see Sign Protocol usher in a future where we can trust but, more importantly, also verify everything with the use of verifiable attestations is one that promises more improved governance protocols, point systems, reward distribution systems, trust and referral networks, and much more.

Attestations, a Modern Solution to Authenticity

We live in a time where we are well endowed with more advanced and novel technologies than the prior generations to perform just about the same nature of work as they did. Attestations and similar technologies enhance our efficiency and reinforce our commitment to authenticity, transparency, and accountability.

Previously, an individual would need to send a copy of their bank account’s balance summary to be notarized by an authority, such as a banker or notary public, to be able to use it to apply for an apartment lease. Today, with attestations, anyone can independently access and verifiably prove the authenticity of their banking details for the same application, without taking on the costs and overhead that would be involved in going to a bank and/or notary public.

Sign Protocol aims to ensure that attestations are more publicly accessible and user-friendly so that they can proliferate to become a core primitive in our everyday lives, in the real world, and on the web.

Tenets That Guide Sign Protocol

Keep It Simple, Signer.

From the moment EthSign made its debut, our guiding principle has been simplicity. This ethos was reflected in our efforts when we made document signing simple in Web3. As we move forward with Sign Protocol, we remain committed to this ethos, not as a luxury, but as an essential property.

For centuries, attestations have been a complex process, often due to inherent inefficiencies or unnecessary complications designed to either extract value or exert control over the uninformed. At EthSign, we are committed to transforming this landscape. We envision a future where making attestations with Sign Protocol is as straightforward and intuitive as making a phone call.

Improvise. Adapt. Excel.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, EthSign is guided by the mantra: “Improvise. Adapt. Excel.” We understand that the path to innovation is not always linear (trust us, we’ve been in the arena, and we’ve tried different things). It requires us to improvise, finding creative solutions to unexpected challenges. It demands that we adapt, staying flexible and responsive to the changing needs and trends of our users and the industry. Most importantly, it compels us to excel, continuously striving for excellence in every aspect of our work.

Our journey with some of EthSign’s products and services, such as TokenTable and EthSign Next, is a testament to this mantra. We’ve improvised by streamlining and reinforcing the process of document signing, adapted by integrating seamlessly with multiple blockchain ecosystems (including Solana, Aptos, TON, and more), and excelled by creating a user-friendly platform that brings drafting and signing contracts with world-class security to your fingertips. As we look to the future with Sign Protocol, we remain committed to this mantra, ready to improvise, adapt, and excel in our mission to transform the world of attestations.

Mi Sign Protocol, Su Sign Protocol

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the blockchain industry is its inherent openness. At EthSign, we embrace this quality in the products and services we create, and we plan to uphold this principle with Sign Protocol.

The era when attestations were the privilege of high authorities or nobility is over. Sign Protocol is designed to be accessible to everyone, not just an exclusive or proprietary enterprise solution. It’s a tool for everyone - startups, enterprises, and hobbyists alike, democratizing the process of making attestations.

Attestations Maketh Identity

Domains and Decentralised Identifiers (a.k.a. DIDs) serve as excellent primitives for establishing your identity. However, attestations form the bedrock of your historical record and public reputation. With Sign Protocol, you’re equipped to extend your identity beyond merely being a username or domain. We believe in empowering people to have their stories told through attestations to the world around them.

While these identifiers are your self-created representation to the world, attestations provide the world with insights about you.

Attestations Are Just Built Different

Attestations indeed carve out a unique niche in the digital landscape, distinguishing themselves from other prevalent forms of digital attribution like NFTs. They are the digital equivalent of a notary stamp, and serve as a universal seal of authenticity, transcending the confines of any single domain or platform.

As we persistently refine Sign Protocol, we intend to underscore this distinctive quality in every facet and functionality we incorporate into it. We aspire to amplify the distinctiveness and ingenuity of attestations, fostering a broader recognition of their uniqueness across the web and the world around us.

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