This struct represents an on-chain Schema that Attestations can conform to.

registrant: The address that registered this schema.

revocable: Whether Attestations that adopt this Schema can be revoked.

dataLocation: Where is stored. See DataLocation.DataLocation.

maxValidFor: The maximum number of seconds that an Attestation can remain valid. 0 means Attestations can be valid forever. This is enforced through Attestation.validUntil.

hook: The ISPHook that is called at the end of every function. 0 means there is no hook set. See ISPHook.

timestamp: When the schema was registered. This is automatically populated by _register(...).

data: The raw schema that should follow. Since there is no way to enforce this, it is a string for easy readability.

struct Schema {
  address registrant;
  bool revocable;
  enum DataLocation dataLocation;
  uint64 maxValidFor;
  ISPHook hook;
  uint64 timestamp;
  string data;

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