RNS | Attest with your Sovereign-backed Digital IDs on Sign Protocol

In the realms of both traditional and digital interaction, trust and identity are deeply intertwined. As Sign Protocol starts with a vision to build a comprehensive trust repository, we aim to help everyone generate, store, and organize trust through attestations and schemas. Now, the introduction of Sign Profile allows us to link identities with these schemas, boosting the credibility of attestations and transforming personal claims into verifiable trust on the blockchain.

One of the most crucial essential integration is our partnership with RNS, the world's first blockchain-native digital residency platform with the official back from Republic of Palau, allowing individuals to obtain a government-issued ID in both a physical form and as a LDID onchain as a form of SBT NFT.

Sign Profile allows users to generate attestations backed by their onchain LDID, boosting their credibility and validity.

Soon, we will be integrating RNS into EthSign product flow, allowing RNS users to sign documents that requires higher leverl of KYC. Essentially, users who agrees to sign documents with RNS ID will be able to generate an onchain proof that they hold valid RNS credenital and execute the document via EthSign. By achieving so, we will be able to facilitate a compliant Web3-native e-signature solution that serves more Web3 users around the globe through RNS network.

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