Ritual | Enhance the reliability and integrity of AI-powered interactions


In this case study, a partnership between Ritual and Sign Protocol is explored as a means to enhance the reliability and integrity of AI-powered interactions within the blockchain realm.

Ritual, serving as an open execution layer for AI, has shown impressive progress in decentralizing AI infrastructure. However, challenges persist regarding the trustworthiness of its outputs, notably the occurrence of AI hallucinations. Through the integration of Sign Protocol's attestation capabilities, Ritual aims to fortify the correctness and credibility of its AI outputs, mitigating risks and instilling greater confidence among users engaging in on-chain AI interactions.

The proposed pilot project, a Verifiable Prediction Market for the 2024 US Primaries, serves as an initial demonstration of this collaboration's potential, allowing for the verification of Ritual's AI predictions and outputs through attestations. With the support of EthSign in providing integration expertise and tooling, this partnership holds promise for attracting new users, fostering a broad network of attesters, and establishing a more secure and interconnected blockchain ecosystem, powered by Ritual's AI infrastructure and bolstered by Sign Protocol's robust attestation framework.


Ritual is an open, sovereign execution layer for AI. Seamlessly integrate AI into your app or protocol on any chain, enabling you to fine-tune, monetize, and perform inference on models with cryptographic schemes.

Ritual currently features Infernet, a lightweight library to bridge off-chain compute on-chain. Primarily, it equips smart contract developers with a way to request computation to be done off-chain from Infernet Nodes and delivered to their consuming on-chain smart contracts via the Infernet SDK.

Sign Protocol

Sign Protocol is a platform-independent attestation protocol that is comprised of a suite of tools and infrastructure, coupled with novel standards and methodologies, to establish a robust, adaptive, and impactive attestation ecosystem for the web and world around us.

Sign Protocol leverages the concept of attestations to deliver and reinforce a Web of Trust, effectively ensuring that all business engagements between parties can be made provably trustworthy. This has allowed Sign Protocol to power some of the largest token distribution events in crypto, such as ZetaChain’s recent airdrop.


Ritual has experienced commendable levels of early growth and progress towards decentralizing the burgeoning AI landscape and bridging the gap between onchain activity and AI-powered computational infrastructure.

However, when it comes to driving the future of dApps with the outputs and feedback from Ritual's open AI infrastructure, there is unfortunately a significant reliance on the honest and rational operation of Ritual's infrastructure, particularly regarding the authenticity of its outputs. This reliance exposes dApps to avoidable risks, especially concerning AI Hallucinations in LLMs. AI hallucinations refer to incorrect or misleading results generated by AI models. These errors can stem from various factors, including insufficient training data, incorrect model assumptions, or biases in the training data.

While crypto-economic safeguards, like EigenLayer, are often relied upon to ensure the honest operation of a system, they are not only susceptible to manipulation, especially when the cost of adversarial behavior is lower than the potential reward, but they are also a naive solution to complex issues such as AI hallucinations.

Solution: Attestation-backed AI Outputs

To strengthen and decentralize the credibility of Ritual's outputs, we suggest the integration of Sign Protocol. This would allow Ritual to ensure the correctness and provable trustworthiness of its AI outputs by validating them with attestations.

These attestations can be issued by a diverse selection of entities and committees with sufficient social proof and relevance to validate all outputs from Ritual's AI infrastructure, such as Wolfram Alpha, Bloomberg, etc.

By integrating Sign Protocol and including attestations into Ritual's AI outputs, end-users and businesses can benefit from a broader and more robust Web of Trust to verify the AI outputs presented to them by Ritual. This assures them of the safety and integrity of all their interactions on Ritual’s AI platform.

Finally, the integration of the Sign Protocol enriches and extends Ritual's ecosystem through Sign Protocol’s growing network of attesters. This effectively attracts interest and participation from high-profile individuals and groups across diverse verticals and industries who utilize the Sign Protocol to issue attestations.

Pilot Integration + Use Case: US Election (Primaries)Prediction Market

As an initial exploration into integrating Sign Protocol with Ritual and supercharging Ritual’s infrastructure with attestations, we will develop a Verifiable Prediction Market. This prediction market will focus specifically on predictions and outcomes related to the 2024 US Primaries.

The “Verifiable” component of the prediction market will be exemplified by the inclusion of attestations to confirm or debunk the validity of any and all responses made by Ritual’s AI system regarding the outcome of a given prediction.

We have outlined further implementation details of this initiative here.

As part of this initial integration, EthSign will provide Ritual with the expert tooling and support needed to successfully integrate Ritual’s infrastructure with Sign Protocol. This will include (but not limited to):

  • API frameworks: The entire lexicon needed to establish connections and interact with Sign Protocol’s backends and infrastructure.

  • A dedicated schema: A schema that has been purpose-built to facilitate the issuance of attestations for Ritual’s AI output

  • Sign Protocol Toolstack and Infra: This will involve a suite of essential tools and libraries needed to make the operations and overall integration as seamless as possible. Some of these may include: Custom Indexers, Smart Contracts, and more.

Target Results

Through this strategic partnership and integration between Ritual and Sign Protocol, we at EthSign highly anticipate Ritual to directly benefit from:

  • a compelling safeguard against threats and risks that are unique to AI, such as AI hallucination

  • new interests of businesses and organisations looking to leverage AI-powered computation and data that is strengthened with verifiability, for their onchain needs.

  • a significant growth in user sign ups for Ritual as it becomes a more attractive and trustworthy platform to access AI-powered data and computation, onchain.

  • an expansive network of attesters and attestations that effectively contribute to training Ritual’s AI models and infrastructure.

Ultimately, we anticipate the greatest benefit to be the security enhancement for onchain users and the value derived from leveraging Ritual's AI infrastructure to supercharge and optimize their onchain activity. This lays the foundation for a more secure and verifiable AI-powered onchain app and business landscape enabled by Ritual and supported by the Sign Protocol.


The collaboration between Ritual and Sign Protocol offers a promising solution to enhance the trustworthiness of AI outputs within the blockchain ecosystem. While Ritual has made significant strides in decentralizing AI infrastructure, challenges persist regarding the reliability of its outputs, particularly concerning AI hallucinations. By integrating Sign Protocol's attestation capabilities, Ritual can ensure the correctness and trustworthiness of its AI outputs, mitigating risks and bolstering user confidence in on-chain AI interactions.

The proposed pilot integration of a Verifiable Prediction Market for the 2024 US Primaries serves as an initial demonstration of this collaboration's potential. Through attestations, Ritual's AI predictions can be verified for accuracy, laying the groundwork for a more secure and verifiable AI-powered landscape on-chain. With EthSign's support in integration and tooling, this partnership holds promise for attracting new users, fostering a broad network of attesters, and ultimately establishing a more interconnected and trustworthy blockchain ecosystem supported by Ritual's AI infrastructure and Sign Protocol's attestation framework.

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