Guild | Unlocking New Reward Opportunities for Guild Users

Overview serves as a cutting-edge infrastructure, automating membership management processes across Web2 and Web3 platforms, with support from influential projects like ZetaChain, Base, and more.

However, the absence of KYC verification capability poses a challenge to its widespread adoption. Integrating with Sign Protocol offers a solution, introducing the KYC Attestation as a new requirement and enhancing Guild's appeal to diverse projects and communities. This partnership promises significant user growth for Guild, in addition to introducing new Guild user reward opportunities (via airdrops) and achievement highlights(via attestations), and setting the stage for a compliant, secure, and confident Web3 ecosystem.

Guild is a world-class infrastructure built to streamline and automate the membership management process for audiences and communities across multiple platforms spanning both the worlds of Web2 and Web3, including Discord, Telegram, X (f.k.a. Twitter), and many others.

Guild has served as the premiere solution in the Web3 industry, with adoption and support from some notable projects such as ZetaChain, Arbitrum, Scroll or Base.

Sign Protocol

Sign Protocol is a platform-independent attestation protocol that is comprised of a suite of tools and infrastructure, coupled with novel standards and methodologies, to establish a robust, adaptive, and impactive attestation ecosystem for the web and world around us.

Sign Protocol leverages the concept of attestations to deliver and reinforce a Web of Trust, effectively ensuring that all business engagements between parties can be made provably trustworthy. This has allowed Sign Protocol to power some of the largest token distribution events in crypto, such as ZetaChain’s recent airdrop.


Guild has successfully established itself as the go-to solution for gating, curating, and sanity checking all participants in a given community, thereby ensuring the utmost level of safety and confidence in the shared online spaces that serve as the home for various communities, clubs, and organizations in Web3.

Not all communities are the same, and some may have more strict and involved requirements and standards to comply with when it comes to accepting or managing memberships. One such requirement is 'Know Your Customer,' also known as KYC verification. This requirement involves accessing a member’s personal identity and background information to pass certain verification checks. Another desirable requirement or standard is the tracking and highlighting of user journeys and milestones on Guild, via achievements.

Additionally, some projects and businesses aiming to distribute their tokens, via airdrops, to active and vibrant communities might overlook Guild's platform or user base because of the absence of a means to ascertain if a Guild user meets their regulatory requirements (e.g., OFAC checks, US consumers, etc.) or preferred user journey requirements.

In order to expand its reach to additional communities, businesses, clubs, and organizations in need of comprehensive KYC checks and user journeys, Guild needs a resilient and efficient infrastructure that enables it to support the intricate and confidential KYC verification process as well tracking of user achievements. This infrastructure solution must seamlessly integrate and function without disrupting the world-renowned experience that has made Guild a leader in automated membership management in Web3, ensuring top-notch performance.

Solution: KYC Attestation as Guild Requirement

To ensure Guild is equipped with the necessary resources and provisions to confidently handle KYC checks as part of its automated membership management platform, an integration with Sign Protocol is essential to leverage its Data Attestation Layer and faciliate this goal (i.e., KYC support). This will allow for the establishment of a new Guild Requirement, called the KYC Attestation as Guild Requirement.

Through the integration of Sign Protocol into, all users and communities relying on Guild will have the opportunity to foster stronger trust among their colleagues and unlock a plethora of new opportunities. These opportunities include airdrops, token pre-sale access, and even IRL events, all facilitated by undergoing a KYC verification process and receiving a KYC Attestation, made possible with Sign Protocol.

Additionally, the integration of Sign Protocol provides an exciting avenue through which Guild, and the broader community, can monitor and showcase the milestones and accomplishments in a user's journey on the platform, all securely recorded onchain through the issuance of Achievement-based Attestations.

Finally, integrating with Sign Protocol enhances Guild's appeal to a broader spectrum of projects, businesses, and communities seeking precise KYC verification and/or milestones in user journeys for meticulous token distributions, often through airdrops, catering to boutique or high-end users and communities. This particularly tends to include successful Web2 and Web3 companies and organizations such as TIME and Yuga Labs, expanding Guild's reach and relevance in the global market.

Pilot Integration + Use Case: Airdrop-as-a-Service

For a pilot integration and as a means to drive activity on Guild, we will focus on creating an experience on Guild called 'Airdrop-as-a-Service'. This setup will entail establishing two new Guild Requirements, namely:

  • KYC Attestation, where users will be guided to undergo a KYC verification process via a partner KYC provider to receive a KYC attestation on Sign Protocol, qualifying them for Airdrops as KYC’d users on Guild.

  • Achievement Attestation, where users will be issued an attestation by the platform to award and highlight the milestones and accomplishments of their users, thereby qualifying them for Airdrops as high-signal or power users.

This initiative will be directly supported and facilitated by TokenTable, a sister platform and service managed by EthSign, the core contributors of Sign Protocol.

As part of this initial integration, EthSign will provide Guild with the expert tooling and support needed to successfully integrate Guild with Sign Protocol. This will include (but not limited to):

  • API frameworks: The entire lexicon needed to establish connections and interact with Sign Protocol’s backends and infrastructure.

  • A dedicated schema: A schema that has been purpose-built to facilitate the issuance of KYC Attestations and Achievement-based Attestations for Guild’s users.

  • Sign Protocol Toolstack and Infra: This will involve a suite of essential tools and libraries needed to make the operations and overall integration as seamless as possible. Some of these may include: Custom Indexers, Smart Contracts, and more.

  • TokenTable Toolstack and Infra: This will involve a suite of essential tools and libraries needed add TokenTable support and unlock new airdrop or reward opportunities for Guild users. Some of these may include: Custom Indexers, Smart Contracts, and more.

Target Results

Through this strategic partnership and integration between Guild and Sign Protocol, we at EthSign highly anticipate Guild to directly benefit from:

  • new interests from communities and organisations looking to curate their spaces and experiences with KYC attestations.

  • new projects and businesses leveraging Guild’s platform as a spanking new go-to launchpad for performing airdrops to active and vibrant Web3 users that pass regulatory requirements, thanks to KYC attestations. (a feature which Guild can offer as a premium subscription benefit to their current users)

  • a significant growth in user sign ups for Guild as it becomes a more attractive platform to qualify for airdrops and other forms of rewards.

  • enable Guild to actively highlight and reward its users for their achievements on the platform, via the issuance of attestations. eg. being a part of 50+ Guild communities or surpassing 200+ Guild Requirements

Ultimately, we anticipate the greatest benefit to be the substantial increase in on-chain users possessing KYC attestations, potentially reaching millions. This sets the groundwork for a compliant, secure, and confident Web3 user base that communities, businesses, and projects can utilize in a safe, compliant, and secure manner, all facilitated on, and enabled by Sign Protocol.

Conclusion has established itself as a leading infrastructure for automating membership management processes across various platforms in both Web2 and Web3 spheres. Supported by notable projects such as ZetaChain, Arbitrum, Scroll, and Base, Guild has become an essential solution in the Web3 industry.

Integrating Sign Protocol is crucial to equip Guild with the necessary resources for comprehensive KYC support, leading to the establishment of a new Guild Requirement: the KYC Attestation. This integration not only enhances Guild's appeal to a wider range of projects and communities but also unlocks new opportunities, particularly in token distributions via airdrops. EthSign's support Sign Protocol(and TokenTable) ensures a smooth pilot integration, promising exciting possibilities for Guild users and stakeholders.

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