EthSign | Enhancing EthSign with Sign Protocol for Composable Agreements


This case study outlines an integration proposal of EthSign with Sign Protocol to address the challenge of siloed contracts, enabling enhanced composability and trust in agreements within the Web3 industry.

EthSign, a powerful digital document signing application, currently faces limitations in the reuse of contracts across different platforms. To overcome this, the concept of Proof of Agreement is introduced, leveraging Sign Protocol's attestations to confirm the existence of agreements. The proposed integration introduces features like Witnessed Agreements, facilitating on-chain verification and access to opportunities such as airdrops and discounts.

Through this integration, EthSign is anticipated to experience increased user engagement, broader attestation coverage, and an extended reach into decentralized finance (DeFi) and beyond, fostering a smarter and more interconnected business landscape on-chain.


EthSign is powerful digital document signing app that seamlessly integrates with any private key.

EthSign currently features:

  • Contract Template Library, a curated collection of useful legal contract templates for the Web3 industry.

  • Contract Verification, a system to independently verify the validity of contracts and digital signatures from EthSign

Sign Protocol

Sign Protocol is a platform-independent attestation protocol that is comprised of a suite of tools and infrastructure, coupled with novel standards and methodologies, to establish a robust, adaptive, and impactive attestation ecosystem for the web and world around us.

Sign Protocol leverages the concept of attestations to deliver and reinforce a Web of Trust, effectively ensuring that all business engagements between parties can be made provably trustworthy. This has allowed Sign Protocol to power some of the largest token distribution events in crypto, such as ZetaChain’s recent airdrop.


Dubbed by many as the “DocuSign of Web3”, EthSign has successfully created a platform that makes access to legal contracts and agreement signing processes more user-friendly, while ensuring the same level of cryptographic security as your everyday onchain dapp.

However, the contracts established via EthSign remain siloed, limited to the contexts and parties directly involved. This creates a missed opportunity for agreements made via EthSign contracts to be composable and reusable across various dapps and experiences.

Solution: Proof of Agreement

We propose a concept called Proof of Agreement as a solution to address the lack of composability and extensibility of agreements made with EthSign.

Proof of Agreement is essentially an attestation made using the Sign Protocol, confirming the existence of an agreement between parties. This enables a third party to verify the agreement's existence for business purposes.

To enable this feature on EthSign, the integration of Sign Protocol will be required. This will allow EthSign and other third-parties to serve as witnesses that can attest to the signing of certain legal contracts.

Pilot Integration + Use Case: Witnessed Agreements

We propose a feature for EthSign called Witnessed Agreements. This feature allows EthSign users to choose whether they want EthSign or a third-party entity to witness the signing of their agreements, resulting in an Attestation that serves as proof of agreement.

This proof of agreement will allow EthSign’s users to indicate their ongoing contractual arrangements with other parties onchain(without necessarily revealing the details), enabling them to access new opportunities such as airdrops and discounts.

As part of this initial integration, EthSign will utilize Sign Protocol's expert tooling and support necessary for seamlessly integrating EthSign's contract signing platform with Sign Protocol. This will encompass (but not be limited to):

  • API frameworks: The entire lexicon needed to establish connections and interact with Sign Protocol’s backends and infrastructure.

  • A dedicated schema: A schema that has been purpose-built to facilitate the issuance of attestations for agreements made with EthSign’s contract signing platform.

  • Sign Protocol Toolstack and Infra: This will involve a suite of essential tools and libraries needed to make the operations and overall integration as seamless as possible. Some of these may include: Custom Indexers, Smart Contracts, and more.

Target Results

Through this integration between EthSign’s contract signing platform and Sign Protocol, we highly anticipate EthSign to directly benefit from:

  • the composability and extensibility of contractual agreements made using EthSign’s contract signing platform.

  • new interests of businesses and organisations looking to leverage their legal agreements, for onchain purposes, such as accessing loans.

  • a significant growth in user sign ups for EthSign’s contract signing platform as it becomes a more resourceful and feature-rich platform for creating agreements and leveraging said agreements onchain.

  • a broad network of attesters prepared to witness EthSign's increasing number of agreement signing sessions.

Ultimately, we anticipate the greatest benefit to be the ability to extend signed legal agreements into DeFi and beyond. This establishes the groundwork for a smarter and more interconnected app and business landscape on-chain, facilitated by EthSign's contract signing platform and supported by the Sign Protocol.


EthSign presents a robust digital document signing application seamlessly integrated with any private key. With features like the Contract Template Library and Contract Verification, EthSign simplifies access to legal contracts while maintaining cryptographic security. However, the siloed nature of contracts limits their composability and reuse across different platforms. To address this challenge, we propose the Proof of Agreement concept, leveraging the Sign Protocol to attest to the existence of agreements.

By integrating Sign Protocol into EthSign, we anticipate enhanced composability, increased user sign-ups, and a network of attesters facilitating agreement signing sessions. This integration not only benefits EthSign users but also extends the reach of signed legal agreements into decentralized finance (DeFi) and beyond, fostering a more interconnected and efficient business landscape on-chain.

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