BNS | Building the World ID: Base Naming Service’s implementation of Sign Protocol

Base Name Service (BNS) is a native naming service built on Base. BNS maps human readable names like “bob.base” to crypto wallet addresses, AA addresses, decentralized webs, hashes, and metadata.

Sign Protocol is a multi-chain attestation protocol. Sign Protocol implements attestations as digitally signed structured data that adhere to a registered schema under a schema registry. These attestations are then stored in a secure domain, either on-chain or off-chain. Attestations essentially reinforce the foundational trust systems we rely on to perform tasks in the world around us, and even on the web. Examples of these tasks encompass a range of activities such as the distribution of bounty rewards, the approval of loans, and the assignment of roles, among others.

Building the aggregated ID layer

One of the core tenets of on-chain identity is the ability to build wallet reputation. With blockchain fragmentation, naming services across blockchains tend to create silos for wallet addresses. If someone is active on one blockchain, there may be little to no activity on another blockchain. With the ability to create attestations across various blockchains, there is scope to build a reputation of sorts that could be used as markers by builders to identify persons of interest of offer them incentives to use their platform. Naming services are at the first step in building this richer sense of identity through reputation.

Richer identification through BNS attestations

Through Sign Protocol, BNS holders will be able to attest the ownership of their Base Name, and will also be able to view their attestations on Base in one place on The schema employed by Base Naming Service here binds a social ID with the Base Name, and can be used as a primary credential for users to attest with. The schema deployed for Base Naming Service is as follows:

***Wallet Address** address
***Domain Name*** string
***Social Account Type*** string
***Social*** String

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