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This case study explores the partnership between Aspecta and Sign Protocol, aiming to leverage Sign Protocol's infrastructure to enhance on-chain attestations to help Builders to establish their on-chain reputation and developers' activities within the blockchain ecosystem. This collaboration seeks to introduce a comprehensive schema covering Builder Skills, Achievements, and Community Votes.


Aspecta is an AI-powered identity network to empower builders and foster ecosystem growth. With Aspecta's intelligent identity solution, builders are able to demonstrate skills, impacts, and experiences with verifiable proof after linking GitHub, Stack Overflow, on-chain addresses, projects, blogs, and other web2 & web3 data. Aspecta committed to revolutionize the utilization of identity in different builder-related scenarios including collaboration, getting funded, recruiting, community building and more with maximized impact.

Sign Protocol

Sign Protocol is a platform-independent attestation protocol that is comprised of a suite of tools and infrastructure, coupled with novel standards and methodologies, to establish a robust, adaptive, and impactive attestation ecosystem for the web and world around us.

Sign Protocol leverages the concept of attestations to deliver and reinforce a Web of Trust, effectively ensuring that all business engagements between parties can be made provably trustworthy. This has allowed Sign Protocol to power some of the largest token distribution events in crypto, such as ZetaChain’s recent airdrop.


Establishing and verifying developer reputations within the blockchain ecosystem presents significant challenges. Traditional methods are often centralized, cumbersome, and susceptible to manipulation, hindering developers' access to opportunities and impeding innovation within the community.

Solution: Attestation-backed Developer Reputations

Aspecta proposes the integration of Sign Protocol's attestation framework to address these challenges. Through Sign Protocol, developers can obtain verifiable attestations through Aspecta’s code analysis algorithm, validating their skills and contributions on-chain.

These attestations serve as credible endorsements, enhancing developers' visibility and credibility within the blockchain ecosystem, thereby fostering trust and transparency.

Pilot Integration + Use Case: Aspecta Developer Reputation System

Aspecta will develop the Aspecta Developer Reputation System, leveraging Sign Protocol's attestation framework. Developers can build profiles showcasing their expertise, projects, and endorsements from trusted entities. Sign Protocol will augment these profiles with verifiable attestations, enhancing developers' credibility and opening doors to new opportunities within the blockchain community.

EthSign will provide Aspecta with integration expertise and tooling to seamlessly integrate Sign Protocol into the Aspecta Developer Reputation System.

Target Results

Through the collaboration between Aspecta and Sign Protocol, the following benefits are anticipated:

  • Empowerment of developers: Developers will have a decentralized and verifiable means to establish their reputations, enhancing their visibility and credibility within the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Increased collaboration and innovation: Access to opportunities and resources will spur collaboration and innovation within the blockchain community.

  • Enhanced trust and transparency: The integration of Sign Protocol will foster trust and transparency, mitigating risks and promoting inclusivity within the community.


The collaboration between Aspecta and Sign Protocol offers a promising solution to the challenges surrounding developer reputations within the blockchain ecosystem. By integrating Sign Protocol's attestation framework, Aspecta aims to empower developers, foster collaboration, and drive innovation within the decentralized landscape. With the support of EthSign, this partnership holds promise for creating a more vibrant, inclusive, and trustworthy blockchain community, where developers can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the decentralized future.

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